Hey, I'm Eli Straw

I started doing personal training because I have a passion for fitness and truly believe that it is a way of life. I have been in and around fitness for 8 years now, and I have come to realize that it can truly change a person's life. My programs are based on the first hand experience I have gained, as well as the knowledge I gained from taking the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer course.  

My main goals for each client:

1. Make exercise a habit

 One of the main beliefs I have is that exercising must become a habit in your life, otherwise you will fall back into your old ways. Once you begin exercising on a regular basis a habit will form, and whether it takes 6 weeks, 6 months, or a year for the habit to set in, I want to make sure each client continues down the path of healthy living. 

2. Deliver a complete and easy to follow plan

 When I would search for workout plans I could never find one that was complete, and always had to piece together different exercises to create my workout regiment. Each one of my plans is easy to follow, and complete from warm up all the way to cool down. It is hard enough to find time to exercise let alone piece together a workout program.  

3. Reach their goals

 With each client I begin by thinking, "what can I do to best help them achieve their goals?" To me it is all about what must I deliver to each specific person to get them where they want to be. As a personal trainer my success is based on the success of my clients, so I do everything I can to guide them to their goals. Whether it be lose weight, gain muscle, or increase athletic performance I will lay the ground work for success.  

How I got here...


I got into fitness because my family owned a fitness center in the town where we lived. I have always been a serious baseball player, and when I was 13 I decided that in order to step my game up, I needed to start working out. So, one of the personal trainers at our gym began training me, and boy did it suck. The first few weeks I was completely exhausted and felt like giving up. Luckily I had too much desire to give up, and within the first month I was hooked. After a few months of working with the trainer I ventured off on my own. I learned to piece together my workouts from what I saw others doing, and what I researched on the internet. I took control of my athletic development and truly learned to love the process of putting together the perfect workout plan. 

From there I would make a new workout plan for myself depending on whether I was training for the upcoming season, or in-season and maintaining my gains. I began creating workout plans for my friends and family, finding complete joy and satisfaction in helping those close to me get interested in fitness.  As I progressed through high-school I learned more and more about fitness and truly fell in love with the process. All of my hard work seemed to pay off when I was granted an offer to play college baseball. 

My freshman year of college I was forced with yet again the task of creating a program for myself. My school had a strength and conditioning coach, but I was dissatisfied with only working out four days a week. So, once again I developed a workout plan for myself and continued with it through my freshman season. Sadly I made a mistake, and I ended up bulking up way too much during the season, leaving me less athletic and slower than I had been in the past three years. That summer I worked tirelessly with my step-dad, the one who owned the fitness center, and I reestablished myself and came out stronger, leaner, and more athletic than I had ever been. That summer I learned a lot of the techniques I implement into my client's programs. 

Fast forward two years and I am now ending my senior season of college and looking to play professional baseball. I feel that my athletic success is greatly attributed to the time I spent in the weight room over the past eight years, and all the knowledge I gained from going through it. I felt so passionately about continually improving myself as a player, and my overall health as a person, that I decided to go through the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer program. That was the best decision I have made. I learned so much from that course to add on top of all the first hand experience I have gained over the years. Now I want to share it with you. I believe that first step towards a happy life is a healthy body. Not only a healthy body but a healthy mind as well. With my workout programs I aim to give each person what they need to get started in creating a healthy life for themselves. 

No matter your level of fitness or your goals, I am here ready to help you along the way!

Let's get started